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Dive deep into your data.

Discovering Your Data Assets Is Now Simple.


Get value in minutes 

Aggua automatically creates a hub for all of your organization’s data assets, metadata, and documentation. 

In addition, we’ve built a collaborative platform, designed to help you leverage organizational crowdsourcing in order to find your data assets and understand them at a glance. 

Faster onboarding

Using Aggua, hyper-growth companies can onboard new employees instantly by accessing all the organizational data assets context they need to become data ninjas.

Mesh your data

Aggua is here to help you and your organization to become data meshWe’ve built modules that complement our system and assist you in achieving Data as a Product, true domain ownership and Self-serve data.

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Tools


We value your privacy

Aggua cares about your security and that’s why we do not access your data, and only connect to metadata. We follow top-of-the-line security protocols.

Our Story

After working at organizations that place a high emphasis on data and AI - ISNU (8200), the Israel COVID-19 task force, and hyper-growth startups, we have repeatedly observed an unforgivable gap.


Organizations invest great effort in collecting and storing data, but data consumers are not able to access that data when they need it. 


Our mission is to give our users what we've been missing so far, and our drive is to make the lives of data teams easier and more fulfilling!


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