Data made easy by Aggua’s Data Management Platform

The collaborative data management platform specifically built for teams with Snowflake or BigQuery at the heart of their architecture.

Is this a good time to go Aggua?

“Before using Aggua, it took new employees over two months to get the big picture. With their technology in place new recruits fully understood their domains almost instantly”

Tal Montal

Head of Data, AVO

"Aggua makes data discovery and onboarding easy. It provides a single place where I can answer questions about my data without needing to go into Rivery or Airflow"

Liat Ashkenazi

Head of Data, Artlist

"Aggua lineage capabilities are must have for every data group. Aggua helped us save 85% of the time to understand our lineage"

Assaf Lavon

Data Analytics Team Lead, JLL

“With Aggua, two junior analysts I recently hired gained a pretty good understanding of the business domain in terms of data structure, main tables, keys, and joint keys within three weeks.”

“Integrating new fully functional data sources into Aggua took two days, not six weeks like with other vendors”

"Bigquery caused us lots of issues when overwriting tables. Aggua helped us eliminate this friction. Snowflake commands are annoying, Aggua’s interface for governance is our choice”

“Aggua seemed like a good place to start containing and aggregating all this knowledge.”

“In the past, employees who joined our organization would ask questions that gave the impression they didn't fully understand their domain. That has changed with Aggua”

“As data guys, we always want things to
be structured - in life, in reality, our work, and our data sources. Aggua helped create structure in our data structure.”

Tal Montal

Head of Data, Avo

Data Fabric

Aggua is a data fabric augmented AI platform that enables data and business teams Access to their data, creating Trust and giving practical Data Insights, for a more holistic, data-centric decision-making.

Provides a bird's eye view of your data assets

Rich, descriptive and contextual, allowing data discovery

Make your entire data universe searchable with
our multi-dimensional entity discovery (events,
jobs, databases & dashboards)

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Allows users to avoid annoying commands and governance tasks required in BigQuery & Snowflake

Data Governance enforcement allows users to automate tagging of sensitive assets, the protect important information and View the PII, to see impacted PII columns

Access requests can be managed in an organization's communication channels directly.

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Data engine built specifically for BigQuery & Snowflake SQL, supporting all functionality provided by both systems.

End-to-end column level traceability and lineage across systems in a single platform.

Holistic view of the entire data stack (Orchestrator, ETL, BI & Warehouse.)

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The unique ability to track and report on granular costs allows the team to understand and act on its computing (jobs) and storage (table) costs.

Aggua’s insights allows the data teams to stay on top of their costs in real-time.

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Powerful source-to-target capabilities

ERD support

Ticketed requests ensures nothing goes missing

Catalog features make it easy to find what you need, when you need it

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Easily detect and fix anomalies in your data

Automatically add anomaly detection to your ETL workflows

Trigger anomaly detection from anywhere in your system

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Keep track of context and ensure single source of truth

Distribute communication in main channels like Slack and Teams.

Remove friction between business and technical users.

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Built for Snowflake

Built for BigQuery

Designed for your data team


Head of Data

Head of Data

Rather than your Heads of Data wondering what is going on underneath the hood of their team's data stack they can become immediately informed with a few clicks. They can get access to costs, data lineage and documentation without needing to take time out of a data engineer's day.


Data Platform Architect

Data Platform Architect

Data pipelines, tables and infrastructure are constantly changing. Meaning that data platform architects and data engineers have to spend a lot of time tracing what a data type change will break. With Aggua, your data architects and engineers can spend less time manually going through logs and DAGs and more time actually making the changes to infrastructure.


Data Product Manager

Data Product Manager

Data Product Managers shouldn’t need to chase down data engineers and analysts to get definitions of metrics or end-to-end data workflows that they then need to standardize. Instead, using Aggua, they can centralize all of your company’s data knowledge in one location.

“I felt that we were in good hands, in terms of business understanding and the organizational side of things. They understood how I, as head of data, will use this tool and how my employees will use it, which are different perspectives.”

Tal Montal

Head of Data, Avo