BigQuery Tools

Aggua, the solution for teams that have BigQuery at the Heart of their Architecture

Why Aggua for BigQuery?

We're bringing all of the tools that data science teams love about BigQuery and adding in cost management and support for SQL. Now, your whole team can use BigQuery and get exactly what they want from it.

“Since Aggua was designed from the ground up to support BigQuery, adopting it was a no-brainer. With minimal training of the data team, and no coding required, multiple JLL users could see the entire lineage almost from day one.”

Assaf Lavon

Data Analytics & Engineering Team Lead, JLL

Built for BigQuery

Aggua supports natively Google's BigQuery (ZetaSQL)- we fully support all of its features. With Aggua, you get the best of both worlds: The power of BigQuery and the features you need to make it work for your organization.

Aggua’s Data Catalog for BigQuery teams

It covers cost, performance, popularity, and usage information. It also allows your team to quickly and easily locate what you're looking for with filters on verified data

Avoid Overspending on BigQuery

Aggua's cost-management solution is designed to empower BigQuery users by providing the unique ability to track and report on granular job costs, at the level of individual jobs and storage costs at the table level.

“I felt that we were in good hands, in terms of business understanding and the organizational side of things. They understood how I, as head of data, will use this tool and how my employees will use it, which are different perspectives.”

Tal Montal

Head of Data, Avo