How To Effectively Use Data Collaboration Tools

Avi Greenwald
CTO & Co-Founder | Aggua
March 19, 2023

Time is money. And when you're trying to get ahead, every second counts- especially when it comes to accessing data. But sometimes, getting the information you need isn't as easy as it should be. That's where data collaboration comes in. It's a way for companies to have fast, streamlined data by efficiently sharing information with one another.

Collaboration platforms like Slack or Basecamp let you have a group of people (your employees, partners, vendors) come together and work on projects. You can set up groups, make announcements, and manage tasks all in one place. It's great for getting the whole team on the same page and making sure that everyone's working towards the same goal.

Aggua is a tool that makes it easy to track the context of your conversations on popular platforms like Slack. When you're working with a team, it can be hard to keep track of who said what and when. Aggua helps keep track of the context behind files, activities, documents, images, and more. This makes it much easier to collaborate with your team members.

Common Barriers to Data Collaboration

The benefits of data collaboration are clear: Teams across a company can work together more easily and efficiently. That's why so many companies are trying to implement data collaboration, but unfortunately, many of them fall short because they don't have the right infrastructure in place.

Siloed Data

Enterprises are drowning in a sea of data, and it's coming from everywhere. There are silos of information because financial data is kept in an ERP system, sales data is guarded in a CRM system, and marketing data is dispersed across a variety of SaaS applications.

Each silo stores some of the data, but without collaboration, nobody gets the whole picture. Data collaboration is made impossible when teams don’t have access to all the available data from a unified source of truth.

Unsecure Data Exchange with Third Parties

Sharing data with partners, vendors, and customers is a great way to collaborate on projects and generate new ideas. But transferring data with third parties can be complicated and risky. Data collaboration is all about making sure you have a platform that allows for the safe supply and access of data sets from external data providers.

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The Benefits of Data Collaboration in Business

Companies that implement data collaboration technology can reap the following benefits:

Break Silos

Companies' data typically resides in a wide variety of silos, databases, and other locations. Without collaboration among team members, it can be challenging to ascertain what data is actually accessible. Collaboration makes it possible to break down data silos and ensures that no important data is missed or neglected.

Accelerate Time to Insight

When teams collaborate with other teams, more insights can be gained faster. That's because everyone brings a different perspective to the table, and that helps you to find new ways of solving problems. It's especially helpful when there are time-sensitive opportunities involved.

Increases Productivity

Manually gathering data is a waste of time and energy, especially when team members are already busy working on multiple projects. This highlights the significance of data collaboration among businesses. It makes it possible for team members to access and share information more effectively and thereby helps the company to devote more of its time, effort, and resources to more valuable tasks.

Improved Data Accuracy

Data-driven campaigns are an essential part of many business strategies, especially those in competitive markets where precise and timely information is crucial to success. When you can rely on timely and accurate information about your sales and revenue, not only will you be able to make better decisions about how to run your business day-to-day, but also about how to stay ahead of your competitors.

Benefits of Using Aggua

We know how hard it is when you're working with a bunch of different apps and tools, and a lot of data. You just want everything in one place. You want to be able to see all the data you need at once, you want to know whose data it is, and you don't want to have to jump around between apps or wait on people just.

With Aggua, we've done exactly what you need. You can integrate Aggua into your collaboration platform to track the context behind data assets so nothing is missed, no misunderstandings occur and everyone stays efficient. Other benefits include:

● Useful for maintaining continuity of thought and making sure everyone is working from the same set of data

● Uses popular channels for communication, such as Teams and Slack

● Minimize misunderstandings between business and technical users by making their interactions more streamlined

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