Data Cost Management Tools

Insights that enables the data teams to stay on top of their costs in real-time.

The unique ability to track and report on granular level of data costs allows your team to understand and act on the computing costs (job level) and storage costs (table level).

Aggua's Cost Management & Optimization solution is specifically developed for BigQuery & Snowflake at the core of your data architecture. Save on your data spend while investing only in what matters to your business. Cut costs on irrelevant, redundant and inefficient storage and computing charges in your data warehouse by finding expensive tables and jobs that can be reduced.

"Aggua's Cost Management solution looks excellent. It gives us another perspective on the data processes that we didn't have until now and it really covers the problems that needs immediate attention. I'm certain Artlist will be an avid user."
Liat Ashkenazi image

Liat Ashkenazi

Head of Data, Artlist

Calculate the total warehouse credit per queries in your own currency.
Filter your cost by: data warehouse, database, cluster or scheme.
View complete breakdown by: user, query, time, type of data, cost reason (process / injection / load / extract).
Set notifications and alerts when your cost exceed a certain threshold.
Recommendation engine will analyze your cost across the entire lineage and suggest ways to optimize your spend according to Aggua insights.

“With Aggua's cost management tool we track unused tables that our organization is paying money for and understand using the lineage map which dashboards are irrelevant.”

Chief Data Officer [CDO]

US Consumer Electronics Giant