Create column-level Data Lineage across all your data assets

Automatically map your data lineage with Aggua for a better holistic view of your entire data pipeline. Discover how you can effortlessly understand your data tech stack from source to target within days minutes.

The Impact of Aggua's Auto-Lineage


82% of companies are making decisions based on stale information.
Data mature companies achieve 2.5x better business outcomes.


Bad data costs organizations on average $13M every year.
Get up to 30% savings on organizational data cost.


Data governance is required to meet modern regulations (PII, GDPR, CCPA).
Reach 90% reduction in debugging and cross-system troubleshooting time.

Integrated with all the tools
you already know and love

Is this a good time to go Aggua?

“Before using Aggua, it took new employees over two months to get the big picture. With their technology in place new recruits fully understood their domains almost instantly”

Tal Montal

Head of Data, AVO

"Aggua makes data discovery and onboarding easy. It provides a single place where I can answer questions about my data without needing to go into Rivery or Airflow"

Liat Ashkenazi

Head of Data, Artlist

"Aggua lineage capabilities are must have for every data group. Aggua helped us save 85% of the time to understand our lineage"

Assaf Lavon

Data Analytics Team Lead, JLL

“Aggua's lineage component gives us great insights. It has all the needed capabilities we require. The next game changer is to understand the costs we are spending on our data.”

Hannan Kravitz

Data Engineering Team Lead, Artlist

“Aggua seemed like a good place to start containing and aggregating knowledge about our data”

Director, Data Engineering

Fortune-500 Retail Brand

“Integrating new fully functional data sources into Aggua took two days, not six weeks like with other vendors”

Senior Integration Architect

Leading Digital Bank