Data Catalog Tools

Bird's-eye view of all your data assets

Single source of truth glossary of all the organization's data assets and business terms. Stop working for your data and have it work for you with a self-service functionality that allows both business and technical user teams to quickly and easily find the information they need.

Specifically built for BigQuery and Snowflake, Aggua’s Data Catalog provides you with rich, descriptive and contextual key components allowing data discovery, filters on verified data & proactively suggesting more relevant and important findings which includes cost, performance, popularity and usage of the data.

“With Aggua's smart data catalog, we are able to maintain documentation, support our business units, and accelerate our teams' growth initiatives.”

Tal Montal

Head of Data, Avo

Everything in your data universe is searchable within Aggua’s catalog, supporting any data entity according to breakdown (job, dashboard, event, table, view, etc.) and integrated from various sources all in One-Stop-Shop.

Apply layers of information on top of the catalog. Identify PII on a column-level for complete data compliance (GDPR, CCPA). Define and mark core data assets to focus on what matters to your business. Automatically document the data end-to-end, document assets in bulk or use a recommendation engine to document based on smart heuristics and your business use cases according to rules & conditions.

Data engineers working on debugging a broken ETL or a job can fix what's broken by searching the ETL and easily find where is it coming from and what is affected instead of looking inside the code.