Data Lineage:
Complete lineage mapping of your data pipeline automatically built across the board

Map all your data assets from source-to-target with column level dependencies

Aggua developed a proprietary data engine that is built specifically for BigQuery (ZetaSQL) and Snowflake (ANSI SQL), to provide precise lineage mapping.

The uniqueness is that we support not only vanilla SQL but also the specific “dialect” of the data, which means we support all functionality provided by Snowflake and BigQuery.

“Aggua makes data discovery and onboarding easy. It provides a single place where I can answer questions about my data without needing to go into Rivery or Airflow.”
Liat Ashkenazi image

Liat Ashkenazi

Head of Data, Artlist

This pending patent enables an easier end-to-end column level traceability and lineage across systems in a single platform, which allows the data teams to have access to downstream dependencies to break silos & access upstream dependencies to solve data issues quickly.

Lineage is not only showing the flow, it is also showing the important events in the flow, if there was a transformation (calculations, alias), if there is PII.

Our self-service functionality enables data teams to be more autonomous and to make sure they have a Holistic view of the entire data stack (Orchestrator, ETL, BI & Warehouse.)

“I felt that we were in good hands, in terms of business understanding and the organizational side of things. They understood how I, as head of data, will use this tool and how my employees will use it, which are different perspectives.”

Tal Montal

Head of Data, Avo